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$129 New Patient Appointment

We are always accepting new patient appointments! Schedule your complete dental exam, teeth cleaning, and x-rays with Dr. McQueen today for only $129. This offer is only available to patients who do not have dental insurance.

Welcome to McQueen Dental, where we offer complete dental care for your entire family in a comfortable, relaxing environment. Our caring staff wants to get to know you on a personal level so we can build a positive relationship with you and your family for years to come.

Your First Visit With Us

The first time you visit our office, we take the time to discuss your health history, past dental experiences, and any related anxieties you and your family may have about dental care.

exam area at McQueen DentalTo help us provide you with the best dental care, we need to understand your expectations and needs. Urgent concerns, like mouth pain or a broken tooth, will be addressed immediately!

Nervous about the dentist? Have a child with you? Ask us how laughing gas can help make your visit to our office calm and worry-free!

What To Expect

During your first visit we will take a set of digital x-rays to give Dr. McQueen a comprehensive view of your entire mouth, including the roots of your teeth and your jaw.

A thorough periodontal exam will follow to evaluate your gum and oral health. If your gums have no swelling or deep pockets, we will continue with a preventive cleaning.

Finally, Dr. McQueen will determine whether you need any type of restorative dental treatment like a filling, root canal, or a dental crown. He will discuss your treatment options and make sure you understand what you need to do to maintain your oral health.

The Building Blocks of Overall Health

Evidence of gum disease or inflammation requires us to take a different approach to improve your oral health. Before you receive regular oral care, your gums need to be healthy.

The same day you visit our office, we’ll perform a full root surface debridement and schedule a deep cleaning for your second appointment with us.

Your gums are the foundation for your entire smile! Keeping them healthy is also important to your overall wellness, cardiovascular system, and respiratory health.

Save Time Before You Arrive

Do you dislike spending twenty minutes filling out paperwork when all you want is to see the dentist? We don't like paperwork either! That's why our new patient forms are available online so you can fill them out in the convenience of your own home.

Parking is available right next door at the Garland Center. Please print the below "Parking Pass," fill in the requested information, and leave this pass on your vehicle dashboard during your visit at McQueen Dental.



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